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History of Marathon Township

Early History

Marathon Township was named for the famous Greek battlefield. Organized in 1839, the township was named by Silas D. McKeen who ran a saw mill and who was a member of the Michigan Legislature. The first town (now called township) meeting was held on the first day of April 1839, at the home of Abijah Willey. This was two years after Michigan joined the Union of the United States of America. Only 12 men were available for the 20 township offices. Horace N. Lathrop was elected first supervisor, S.D. McKeen was clerk, and Martin Volentine collector. Volentine said he never took any money in 1839 and 1840 except what turned out to be a bogus silver dollar.

Early Finances

The next meeting S.D. McKeen was moderator and Richard Bronson, Abraham Hollenbeck, Andrew McArthur and Alonzo Davis were inspectors of the election. The first business was the appropriation of $250.00 for improvement of highways. The sum of $5.00 was voted for wolf bounty. Aaron Rood was the first man to enter a land claim. He took out his claim November 25, 1836. There was a great deal of pine in the township at the time and it was for years more noted for lumbering than for farming.


This information was given to the Marathon Township Board by Ilah Nicholes wife of township sexton Bert Nichols, mother of Bob Nichols, former sexton, and was read at the 1989 annual meeting of the Marathon Township Board, which was the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of Marathon Township. In October 1987, the community along with the Marathon Township Board and the State of Michigan celebrated their 150th birthdays.

Marathon Township Supervisors

Name Years Served
Horace N. Lathrop 1839-40, 42
Abijah Willey 1841
Reuben McArthur 1843-44,48-49,62
Jacob Hollenbeck 1845-47,50-51,54,61,77-79,81
John Pierson 1852-53,55-56
Evart Clute 1857-1858
Henry Hemingway 1859-1860,63
Benjamin Harris 1864-66,72-75
Levi McArthur 1867-71,76,80
James E. Richmond 1882-84c87-88
Irving McArthur 1885
E W Gilbert 1886
Issac L. Hemingway 1890
Elson Wait 1891-92,94
Norman Stark 1893
William A. Aurand 1895-96
Willey A. Clute 1897,1901
Elmore A. Brown 1898-1900
George T. LeValley 1902-03
Joseph Wilson 1904-09
David Butler 1910-12
Gustavus Schott 1913-15
Edward Morrison 1916-32
Henry Hemingway 1933-39,49
Arthur F. Blue 1940-49,51-53
Muryl Hemingway 1950
Elma Blue 1954
Lynn Folsom 1955-71
Howard Folsom 1972-78
Jack Theakston 1979
Howard Folsom 1979-2000
Dale Fuller 2000-2008
Fred Moorhouse 2008-2022
Dennis Hogan 2023-Present

Marathon Township Clerks

Name Years Served
Silas McKeen 1839
Jonathan Salisbury 1840,43
Jabez Loomis 1841
Reuben McArthur 1842,45,53,61,72,74
Jacob Hollenbeck 1844,48-49,56,67
Richard Clute 1846-47
Palmer Carpenter 1850
Chauncey Maxfield 1851
SH Miller 1852
William Brown 1854
Andrew Farrell 1855
Peter VanDyke 1857-58
John Clark 1859
Hiram D. Tower 1860
Levi McArthur 1862-66
Nelson K. Lawrence 1868
Benjamin Harris 1869-71,76
George T. LeValley 1873
Evart Clute 1875
George Rook 1877
John L. Preston 1878-79
James E. Richmond 1880-81
John Davis 1882
Irving McArthur 1883
Robert Armour 1884
William H. Hirt 1885
Alfred W. Burgess 1886
Burt McDermid 1891
CE Olney 1892-94
David Butler 1896-1909
EW McGenegle 1910-11
Joseph Gerwolds 1912-14
Jasper Johnson 1915-16,49-54
John Folsom 1917-18
Walter Goudy 1919
Henry Hemingway 1930-32
William Purdy 1933-48
Irving Metcalf 1955-67
Edmond Blue 1968-72
Vincent Betke 1973
Donald Williams 1974
Margaret A Traver 1975-79
Kay LeValley Lawter 1979-80
Laura Ring 1980-2008
Dawn Johnson 2008-2020
Michelle Coultas ‚Äč2020-present

Marathon Township Treasurers

Name Years Served
Martin Volentine 1839-40
Abraham Hollenbeck 1841,44
Daniel Clark 1842
Jacob Hollenbeck 1843
Seth Willey 1845
Lafayette Warren 1846-48,55-56
Evart Clute 1849
Andrew Farrell 1850
John Stanley 1851
John Blue 1852
Needham Hemingway 1853,62,65
Ephraim Clute 1854
Palmer Carpenter 1857
George H. Kilbourn 1858
AF Richards 1859-60
Andrew Aurand 1861
Chauncey Maxfield 1863
William Hollenbeck 1864
John Davis 1866
Nelson K. Lawrence 1867-68
Abijah Willey 1869
Joe Deming 1870
Munson Grover 1871-72
JT Wheeler 1873-75
Oscar F. Hunnywell 1881
Allison W. Whipple 1882-83
John L. Preston 1878-79
George Rook 1881
Harris Edgerton 1882-83
Robert Armour 1884
Irving McArthur 1885-86
Sylvester Sherman 1890
Eugene Hollenbeck 1891
Byron Lawrence 1892
Norman Stark 1894-95
Issac L. Hemingway 1896-97
George T. LeValley 1898-99,1903
Joseph Wilson 1900-1901
John Whetstone 1902
Edwared Conant 1904-05
Victor Howell 1906-07
Bruce Hemingway 1908-09
Thomas Force 1910-11
William B. Traver 1912-13
Sidney Riley 1914-15
Edward Morrison 1916-17
Clarence L. Clute 1918-19
Charles Stier 1920-21
Frank Whetstone 1922-23
Thomas Forrest 1924-25
Adrian Butler 1926-27
Delbert June 1928-29,57-62
Henry Hemingway 1930-31
Olive Sammons 1932-35
Irving Metcalf 1936-38
Lee Burgess 1939-54
Lynn Folsom 1955-56
Jasper Johnson
Leta Secord 1963-1988
Sandi Glesenkamp 1988-2016
Nolan Kinder 2016-2017
Lori Hollis 2017-present