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Board Members

Marathon Township Hall

Township Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6PM. Additional meetings are held for the purpose of Work and Special Sessions.

Board Members
Dennis Hogan - Supervisor
Bill Sickner- Trustee
Lori Hollis - Treasurer
Wayne Nelson - Cemetery Sexton
Michelle Coultas - Clerk
Sandi Glesenkamp - Trustee
Planning Commission
Tom Greyerbeihl-Chair Sheila Dennis
Sandi Glesenkamp-Secretary Harold Meineke
Terry Miner Rosalee Perdue
Fred Moorhouse
Marathon Fire Authority
Allison Smith - Chair Mechelle Valley - Trustee
Lori Hollis- Treasurer/Secretary Jamie Medellin - Trustee
Ronald Shank - Trustee Nancy Vanamburg - Trustee
Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator - Joe Israel
Electrical Inspector - Jerry Dibble
Zoning Board of Appeals
John Deitering - Chair Ron Shank
Sandi Glesenkamp - Secretary Gale Crooks
Dawn Johnson
Cemetery Sexton - Wayne Nelson
Property Tax Board of Review
Deborah Ouelette Lenny Sly
Fred Moorhouse
Zoning Enforcement Officer - Joe Israel
Parks and Recreation Board
Dennis Hogan - Chair Ron Klocek
Dawn Johnson - Vice Chair Michelle Coultas
Amanda Renius - Secretary Tiffany Glesenkamp
Cassie Mieslick Crystal Klebba